I didn’t want to go on a date with this guy. It was my dog’s birthday and I felt rushed getting to the date. I was late. He wasn’t my type. I didn’t know what him and I would even talk about. We had a mutual friend and she told me that I would really […]

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I first spotted this 6’6 dark piece of meat during my first semester of college. He walked into Anthropology 101 and my jaw hit the floor. Just so tall and so big and so fucking ITALIAN and he had a really nice smile… GAH! Just my type. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (when I decided […]

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put.your.hands. together.

Sorry I have taken some time off from posting… I got my tits done and have been on a lot of meds and frankly, they’re quite distracting! This post is going to be somewhat serious BECAUSE STIs are not funny, but I can laugh about my experience now. Once again, I was 19-years-old and very […]

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I had my first threesome when I was 19. It was with my roommate at the time and the Vice President of some frat ( I know exactly which frat it is… I frequented it every weekend for two years and dated two dudes in it. SCORE! I am just trying to be as discreet […]

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Have you ever puked up something and that experience ruined that food/beverage for you forever? Well, I thought that my relationship with hot cheetos would be forever tainted. One lovely evening,  I found myself on the floor of one of my sexual partners bathroom spewing out of my mouth what looked and felt like lava. […]

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I remember the first time my interest in sex was peaked… for whatever reason my parents kept a copy of “The Joy of Sex” on the bottom of a bookshelf near my room. I knew the word “sex” and have always been very curious so, of course, I was going to reach for that yellow […]

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