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Sorry I have taken some time off from posting… I got my tits done and have been on a lot of meds and frankly, they’re quite distracting! This post is going to be somewhat serious BECAUSE STIs are not funny, but I can laugh about my experience now. Once again, I was 19-years-old and very […]

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I had my first threesome when I was 19. It was with my roommate at the time and the Vice President of some frat ( I know exactly which frat it is… I frequented it every weekend for two years and dated two dudes in it. SCORE! I am just trying to be as discreet […]

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Have you ever puked up something and that experience ruined that food/beverage for you forever? Well, I thought that my relationship with hot cheetos would be forever tainted. One lovely evening,  I found myself on the floor of one of my sexual partners bathroom spewing out of my mouth what looked and felt like lava. […]

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I remember the first time my interest in sex was peaked… for whatever reason my parents kept a copy of “The Joy of Sex” on the bottom of a bookshelf near my room. I knew the word “sex” and have always been very curious so, of course, I was going to reach for that yellow […]

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