I first spotted this 6’6 dark piece of meat during my first semester of college. He walked into Anthropology 101 and my jaw hit the floor. Just so tall and so big and so fucking ITALIAN and he had a really nice smile… GAH! Just my type.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (when I decided to show up… Fridays are hard) at 10:30 am, I would watch his fine ass strut in and sit down. Sometimes I would even catch glances of him in the dining hall, making me practically choke on whatever bullshit food they were feeding us that day.

Then fate stepped in… I walked into the dorm room of a dude who lived on my floor for a good ol’ pregame session AND GUESS WHO WAS STANDING THERE? My Italian Stallion. Turns out he grew up with the guy who’s room we were in. After some heavy staring, I introduced myself.

Nothing happened that night… except that Monday at 10:30 am he sat next to me as we learned about Ancient Mesopotamia (I made that up… I could barely remember what the fuck I learned in that class the day after let alone eight years later). It seemed like I had a new friend that was super fucking attractive and that was all…

I ended up fucking his chubby funny friend (who has lost hella weight and looks pretty good now! So “fuck you” to all of my friends who made fun of my for sleeping with him! He was funny and had a nice face), but something still always drew me to my Italian Stallion. We remained friends and hung out often. He taught me how to longboard by holding my hands and running along the board with me. I remember screaming on the inside because he was holding my hands.

***Side note: shit, I just started reminiscing on what a fucking cool dude he was and I ended up stalking him and his girlfriend for like 30 minutes and they’re so beautiful and look so happy and I am legit happy for him and he is still super fucking sexy. Good for you girl! Peace and blessings. Peace and blessings.***

Well, anyways one night I saw him at a house party and all my inhibitions went out the window. I approached him and one thing led to another and all of sudden we are kicking his roommate out their dorm room and I am naked. He takes off his shirt and has this real sexy tattoo of script on his side and like another one on his back.I was 18 and not very many men who I had slept with had tattoos. I hadn’t even realized how much tattoos truly turn me on. You should see my boyfriend… he is covered in them and GOD DAMN.

He takes off his pants and he had the largest dick I have seen to date. I have seen a lot and his will forever be etched into my mind.

I think there was a look of panic on my face…

“What?” he asked.

“I just wasn’t expecting that…”

“I am 6’6. I mean everything has to add up and be proportional.”

Once I got passed the shock and awe. He climbed on top of me and entered me. All of sudden I was unusually wet… I look down and sure enough a pool of blood was soaking through his sheets. I wasn’t on my period or even close to having it. I think his huge dick shook shit up or like popped my non-existent cherry, but I was a virgin again. GOOD LAWD!

I apologized and in one foul swoop he whipped his sheets off his bed and put fresh ones on. He was back inside of me within 20 seconds. We ended up fucking on the bed, in the shower (yes, in the dorms), on the floor (yes, in the dorms) and against the wall (now that I think about it… this was probably how I got chlamydia).

We stayed up until 6 am just fucking. It was a night I will remember forever… I wobbled my sore little pussy back to my dorm room, watching the sunrise and realizing the feat I had just conquered.

I don’t think he realizes he was one of the nice ones in a town filled with douchey frat boys. He was certainly the first guy to be nice to me. Maybe that is why I remember him with such kind thoughts. Anyways… we ended up fucking into sophomore year, but I ended up fucking his OTHER two friends once he started talking to this other girl… I was kinda hurt, but I got it. I was a drunk mess and in no place to be in a relationship.

I yelled at him one night on a parking structure and then ended up fucking his friend on that parking structure the same night.

BUUUUT like I said… He was so nice that he remained my friend. I still wish him “happy birthday” every year and wish him the best. He will always be my Italian Stallion and have a small little place in my heart and a dent in my pussy.

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